Sir Harold Robert Dew becomes eighth Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in 1936

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Harold Dew had been appointed the first Bosch Professor of Surgery in 1931 and the First full-time Medical Professor in Australia. Since his arrival he had made an indelible mark on the Medical School and is noted for his capacity to teach and inspire. Peter Orlebar Bishop and Charles Ruthven Blackburn, for two examples, carried out their early research in his Department. Gilbert Phillip was his brilliant protégé. He had been responsible for the establishment of neurosurgery at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and had been active in the Foundation of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. Noted for his 'fairness and good heartedness', colleagues described him as 'a breath of fresh air' coming into the Sydney medical world.[1] During his tenure as Dean he was considered a first-class administrator and was widely respected for his vision and his impartiality.[1]