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Side panels from the trough of a painted wooden coffin with hieroglyphs and Egyptian deities.

Primary programs

Tactile experiences with fun and engaging activities for students
Our education programs are currently closed until the Chau Chak Wing Museum opens in late 2020. Get in touch to discuss your future education needs.

Our programs are designed to inspire children from kindergarten to Year 6 to explore the world in a playful, stimulating and hands-on way.

Curriculum links

Our primary school program links exceptionally well to the Human Society and its Environment (HSIE), creative arts, science and technology syllabuses.

Our teaching is discussion-based and inquiry-focused, as students explore the museum. Most schools book either a two-hour or three-hour visit. Both include a session in our hands-on room and a tour of the museum led by our education officers.


Primary school students can explore the collections and participate in a range of engaging activities, including:

  • handling objects
  • trying on togas
  • mummy wrapping
  • creating art
  • making butterflies.

These are some of the topics available:

  • ancient history
  • animals in art and history
  • Australian social history
  • democracy and forms of government
  • heritage tours of the University
  • historic photography and the past
  • Indigenous Australia
  • the natural world
  • visual arts
  • writing and languages.
Please talk to us to discuss other options.

If you can't travel to the museum, we offer a series of digital learning experiences. Students can explore the collections – and our team can answer their questions – from the comfort of your classroom. Please contact us for more information. Charges apply.


Primary programs (K–6) Price per student
Two hours
Three hours $16

Teachers, parents and carers join for free.

Featured image (top of the page): A student examines a Horse-bit during a hands on session.