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Construction workers and museum staff on the roof of the Chau Chak Wing Museum.

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04 February 2021

Foundations: developing Gululu dhuwala djalkiri

For the Yolŋu people of eastern Arnhem Land, the foundation of their knowledge is expressed through art. Curator Rebecca Conway shares the ideas and process behind this powerful exhibition.
19 January 2021

19th century start-ups

A photographic exhibition at the new Chau Chak Wing Museum draws on the University's historic photography collection to delve into the heyday of commercial studio photography.
11 January 2021

Major new exhibition explores the Coastline

One of 18 exhibitions at the new Chau Chak Wing Museum is an art history tour of seashores and beaches in Australia and overseas.
23 November 2020

Inaugural China Gallery show examines culture of auspiciousness

Auspicious: Motifs in Chinese Art at the China Gallery runs until November 2021.
18 November 2020

Reframing the Enlightenment

Curator Ann Stephen discusses ‘Pediment/Impediment’, Daniel Boyd's immersive new installation in the Chau Chak Wing Museum's Penelope Gallery.
17 November 2020

Seeing the full picture

Sharing his exceptional artworks with the University isn't just an act of generosity for Kenneth Reed. It's a way to help more people find beauty and power in the arts. The Chau Chak Wing Museum will be an ideal place to connect.
16 November 2020

Sydney's newest museum opens

The museum has free entry and brings together the University of Sydney's collections of antiquities, natural history, historic photographs, cultural artefacts and art.
08 October 2020

Museum secrets to be revealed

When the Chau Chak Wing Museum opens in November, many of the extraordinary objects, specimens and works of art on display have never before been seen publicly. Dr Craig Barker describes 7 items coming out of long-term storage.
02 September 2020

Nip and tuck

As 19th century taxidermy ages, natural history specimens often require extreme makeovers. Dr Jude Philp describes how expert Sasha Stollman restored fish and mammal specimens in preparation for our opening exhibitions.
19 August 2020

Vale John Nixon

The artist John Nixon, who died earlier this week, was a seminal figure in Australian art over the last five decades. Several of his major works from the 1980s were acquired for the Power bequest collection. In memory of John we print a short extract from Linda Michael’s new essay on one of these works.
05 August 2020

Case by historic case

Collections aside, museum furniture can have its own historical significance. That’s why cabinets from the former Macleay Museum are being restored and repurposed for a new lease on life.
05 August 2020

Moving in to the new museum

Meet some of the Chau Chak Wing Museum staff as they share their thoughts on the new building. Discover what they are most excited about, one week after moving in.
03 August 2020

Where's Woodhouse?

A project calling on members of the public to shed light on photos taken in Greece by a renowned classicist more than a century ago has yielded more than 600 responses from around the world.
01 July 2020

The old and the new

For a short period in the early 1880s, two lighthouses stood on South Head in Sydney. The photographer Charles Bayliss captured their overlap in time.
01 July 2020

Starting over: embedding First Nations principles in a new museum

How does a contemporary museum reconcile the colonial histories of its collections? For the Chau Chak Wing Museum, guidance from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities has been the key to creating a safe space for learning, healing, exchanging ideas and celebrating the heritage of Australia’s First Peoples.


Featured image (top of page): Chau Chak Wing Museum topping out ceremony, December 2019.