Bathroom still life

Creative challenge: iso-art at home

23 April 2020
Inspiration for adults and children
Get creative with some of our favourite collection items as part of the 'museum at home' activities on offer while social-distancing measures remain in place.

It’s time to dust off your water colour palette, fire up your camera or simply pick up a biro and get down a quick sketch! While most of us are all working and schooling from home in isolation, the Chau Chak Wing Museum team invites you to have an artistic moment with us, pausing the uncertainties of our current environment to spend some time engaging our creativity. We’ll provide the inspiration from our collections: vibrant artworks, natural history creatures and ancient treasures from all over the world. This challenge is open to all ages and creative inclinations.

How to participate

  1. Choose a collection item from below to inspire your artwork
  2. We've suggested some themes below. Your work can either recreate the original image, or be inspired by it.
  3. Get making: any medium, any method. Your response could be a drawing, a photo, collage, creative writing, origami, painting, baked goods or anything you can dream up!
  4. Post your iso-artwork on social media with the hashtag #isoartsydney or email your work to
  5. We’ll share our favourite entries on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook


Inspiration from our collections

Blue tile with a small man leading a large dog


[Egyptian tile with a man leading a dog]
Glazed and painted Egyptian faience tile, 1295 BC - 1069 BC. Donated by Sir Charles Nicholson 1860.

Egyptian tile with a man leading a dog

Themes to respond to:

  • Your pet
  • Daily walks 
  • Line drawing 
  • Scale (the dog is much larger than the person!) 





Bathroom still life


Untitled (Still life with toothbrush)
JW Power, circa 1930, oil on canvas. Mrs Edith Power Bequest 1961.

Untitled (Still life with toothbrush)

Themes to respond to:

  • An arrangement of items found within your house 
  • The bathroom cupboard
  • In-situ household clutter
  • Still life drawing or painting


Man and woman in kitchen with fireplace


Interior at the hearth
Frederick William Leist, 1902, watercolour on paper. Donated by the Estate of Nell Wryana Buckingham 1986.

Interior at the hearth

Themes to respond to:

  • Life at home during lockdown 
  • Isolation cooking and baking
  • Now vs then: how Australian homes have changed in 100 years
  • Household relationships 



Black, yellow and green beetle


Exophthalmus vittatus Linnaeus
Jamaican Citrus Root Weevil. Donated by Macleay Family 1865-1892.

Jamaican Citrus Root Weevil

Themes to respond to: 

  • A new appreciation of nature 
  • Your garden 
  • The weevil's humbug patterning 
  • Scientific illustration 

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