08 March 2022

Women pioneers from the past

Our curators put a spotlight on three women who were trailblazers in the past, and whose legacies are still felt today. 

20 January 2022

New Honours Award in partnership with Sydney Environment Institute

Utilising a natural museum collection to explore environmental issues.

09 November 2022

'Tis death to counterfeit

In the 18th century, innovations in printing, and designs inspired by the complexity of the natural world, helped keep counterfeiters at bay. 

08 September 2022

Intergenerational perspectives

The works of father-and-son artists Victor Vasarely and Yvaral.

06 June 2022

Sites unseen

Personal photographs and albums shed light on another side of colonial Papua under Australian administration in the exhibition Pacific Views

13 December 2022

Material connection

Before their journey, delicate loaned works require careful planning and handling. 

09 December 2022

Ömie nioge (barkcloth)

The next exhibition in our Ian Potter Gallery celebrates the unique and dynamic barkcloth art movement of the Ömie people of Papua New Guinea. 

04 October 2022

The eyes have it

Eyes were a potent motif in the ancient world, sometimes used to protect, sometimes used to destroy.

01 July 2022

Hongi's Hikoi

The Museum's Curator of Ethnography, Rebecca Conway, recaps the commemorative event, 'Hongi's Hikoi'. 

28 July 2022

X-ray vision

To celebrate National Science Week, we're travelling back in time to explore the history of X-rays.