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24th Biennale of Sydney

Ten Thousand Suns
For the first time, the Chau Chak Wing Museum will be an Exhibition Partner as part of the 24th Biennale of Sydney.

The 24th Biennale of Sydney works across time periods, beyond the borders separating cultural practices rooted in different genealogies, and from all continents. The exhibition owes a profound debt to the rich heritage of what is known today as Australia, especially to the struggles and practices in which First Nations communities and migrants have faced and played key roles.

This edition revisits legacies of collective resistance, strength, and exuberance, embracing a more hopeful and joyful outlook, while celebrating the exhibition as a carnival of rays and radiance, aptly titled Ten Thousand Suns.

The Chau Chak Wing Museum exhibiting artists:

  • Carrolup Child Artists: Arthur Bropho, Alma Cuttabut, Parnell Dempster, Phillip Jackson, Gregory Kelly, Edie Wallam, and five once known child artists 
  • Choy Ka Fai 
  • Citra Sasmita 
  • Diane Burns 
  • Doreen Chapman 
  • Juan Davila
  • Mangala Bai Maravi 
  • Martin Wong 
  • Niño de Elche & Pedro G. Romero
  • William Yang 

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Chau Chak Wing Museum

Open from 9 March - 10 June, 2024