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Little girl in yellow dress cutting a coloured piece of paper and an ancient coin depicting a bee

Busy Bees

Celebrating National Science Week

Join us at the Chau Chak Wing Museum for free activities for busy bees aged 5 to 12 as we celebrate National Science Week.

Carpenter bee

Carpenter bee, Macleay Collections, NHEN.111381

Did you know that:

  • Bees have five eyes?
  • Have existed for 30 million years?
  • Use pheromones to communicate with each other?

Join us for a fun-filled afternoon with arts and crafts, fact sheets and other activities all related to bees! 

Explore the different types of bees from Australian native bees to imported species, and learn about the important role they play in our lives from pollination to honey production, how bees dance to communicate and what you can do to help protect them. 

Discover how bees have influenced art, myth and culture both here in Australia and around the world for thousands of years.

Header image (left to right): Little girl in yellow dress cutting a coloured piece of paper, photo by Yan Krukov via Pexels. 

Ancient coin of Aradus (Phoenician city), Arwād, Syria, 175–137 BC, Nicholson Collection, NM2004.501

Event details

Saturday 20 August, 12–3.30pm
No bookings required, simply drop by