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Eight Days in Kamay

On April 29 1770, Dharawal people saw HMB Endeavour sail into Kamay (Botany Bay). 

To mark the eight days when the Endeavour was anchored at Kamay (29 April – 6 May 1770), we're partnering with the Gujaga Foundation on a series of lectures sharing Dharawal perspectives on this significant event 252 years ago and the continuation of Dharawal culture today.


The Eight Days in Kamay with Ray Ingrey and Dr Paul Irish

Monday 2 May, 5.30–6pm

Join Ray Ingrey, Chairperson of the Gujaga Foundation, and Dr Paul Irish, historian and archaeologist as they explore the eight days and the balance of history that comes from Dharawal perspectives of the 'Endeavour'.

Extraordinary Plants with Dr Shane Ingrey and Ray Ingrey

Wednesday 4 May, 12.30–1.30pm

Join us for a unique opportunity to hear Dr Shane Ingrey and Ray Ingrey talk about the extraordinary plants of their Country from knowledge passed down through the generations.

Warra warra wai: Understanding Dharawal spirituality with Ray Ingrey

Thursday 5 May, 6–7pm

Join Ray Ingrey as he discusses Aboriginal spiritual systems of knowledge from which the actions and words recorded by the 'Endeavour' officers can be understood.

Header image: 'We make these spears still' (Senior Elder Rod Mason) 37 Garrara (fishing spears) 2019 made by Rod Mason, Senior Elder, Gweagal clan, Dharawal peoples on loan from the Gujaga Foundation