National Archaeology Week Heritage Tour

Guided tour
Tuesday 21 May: For National Archaeology Week join us with a heritage tour of the University of Sydney’s historic Quadrangle with a twist.

As the home to Australia’s oldest archaeology department, learn about the history and development of the discipline on the campus amongst the Neo-Gothic sandstone architecture. The tour will include a visit to the Tom Austen Brown Archaeology Research Hub.

Come with us for a chance to visit the gargoyles and grotesques of the university’s historic building, learn more about the Nicholson and Macleay collections in the Chau Chak Wing Museum and to explore the current work by archaeology researchers and students at the Archaeology Hub.

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Guided tour

Tuesday 21 May 2024
12.00PM - 1.30PM
Meet at the foyer of the Chau Chak Wing Museum
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