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Kato’alu (ceremonial basket), mid-19th century, Tonga

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Time travelling with turtles – Louise Pryke

Turtles have played a vital role in human culture from the earliest times of civilisation, yet a landmark 2018 study found turtles are the most threatened group of animals on earth. Dr Louise Pryke journeys through time with this remarkable and ancient creature in this talk for World Turtle Day.

Historical fiction or political friction? – Donna Storey

Eurovision is renowned for its kitsch, camp, and colourful performances, however it has also evolved as a vehicle for expressing national identity in a rapidly changing political and cultural landscape. Classicist Donna Storey considers whether Eurovision performances employing ancient world themes do so as an opportunity to push a political agenda. Please note - due to issues with copyright, sections of this presentation have been removed.

Where are the Women in Eternity?

In this keynote lecture, Professor Gina Walker juxtaposed the stark reality of millennia of ignorance about earlier female figures and their authority as knowers in the context of sixty years of contemporary Feminist Historical Recovery that ‘Modern’ Women of the Past? Unearthing Gender and Antiquity celebrates.

Women in the present, women in the past

Dr Rachel Pope provides a perspective from the UK and Europe on how preventing women’s access to academia and the heritage sector, both historically, and in our contemporary workplace culture, has impacted our understanding of women in the past. 

Journeys through eastern Arnhem Land: Djalkiri Book Launch

Over three years Yolŋu elders and artists have worked with our curators to determine how their artwork, knowledge and Law is shown to visitors in an ambitious exhibition of over 300 works, 'Gululu dhuwala djalkiri: welcome to the Yolŋu foundations'. In celebration of our recent collaboration and close-to 100 year association we have made a series of films documenting our exhibition process and a richly illustrated book.

Artist talk with Judy Watson

Acclaimed Waanyi artist Judy Watson and Professor Jakelin Troy, Director of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research at the University of Sydney, discuss Judy's research and the process of creating her major new work, juguma, 2020.

The Making of ‘Animal Gods’

Behind every exhibition is a story of its making. Join curators Dr Jude Philp and Candace Richards for an in-depth exploration of  'Animal Gods: Classics and Classification'. The exhibiton explores the history of taxonomy and its intersection with the myths and legends from the classical world.


Being Collected 2020: When you become me - how collections can trigger collisions

Dr Jilda Andrews is a Yuwaalaraay woman, cultural practitioner and researcher based in Canberra. In this lecture Dr Andrews looks at how ontological (the study of being) collisions can reveal a different kind of ‘culture work’ for museum practitioners today – and how collections of cultural material and knowledges can become sites for ongoing collision.

The Floating Box: JPW architects in conversation

Kiong Lee and Graeme Dix from Johnson Pilton Walker (JPW) discuss the process of designing the Chau Chak Wing Museum. Madeleine Borthwick, Lecturer in Design at the School of Architecture, Design and Planning, moderates the discussion.

Sneak Preview Tour - Chau Chak Wing Museum

This Sneak Preview was a part of the opening celebrations of the Chau Chak Wing Museum in November 2020. Hosted by Fenella Kernebone, the event includes exhibition tours and interviews with the Director of the museum, Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sydney.

How to Build a Collection: Networks of colonial science at Australia's first museum 1827-1880

22 October 2020

Presented by Vanessa Finney from the Australian Museum. 

From Pompeii to Tharros: understanding the making of Roman urban neighbourhoods

9 September 2020

Presented by Dr Steven Ellis fom the University of Cincinnati.

Celebrating the remarkable history of the Nicholson Museum

29 January 2020

Presented by Dr Craig Barker, Candace Richards and Dr James Fraser from the Nicholson Collection. 


Sardinia and Corsica in the post-classical era

2 March 2019, Nicholson Museum

Presented by Robert Veel from Academy Travel.

The Mummy Project

20 February 2019, Nicholson Museum

Presented by Dr James Fraser, research lead of the Mummy Project.

Māori in early Sydney

2 February 2019, Nicholson Museum

Presented by Rebecca Conway, Curator of Ethnography, Macleay Collections.


Facing our Past: The Jericho Skull

21 November 2018, Nicholson Museum

Inaugural Sir Charles Nicholson Lecture. Presented by Dr Alexandra Fletcher, British Museum, on new research and discoveries made about the Jericho skulls from the British Museum collection and our own.

Some impressions of Greece: The photographic archive of William Woodhouse

30 May 2018, Nicholson Museum

Presented by Candace Richards, research lead of the Woodhouse Archive Flickr Project.

Shakespeare's Mark Antony: a tale of two authors

27 March 2018, Nicholson Museum

Presented by Associate Professor Kathryn Welch, University of Sydney.

Stories from the storeroom: Amarna’s frescoes reconstructed

21 February 2018, Nicholson Museum

Presented by Dr James Fraser, Dr Conni Lord, Dr Wendy Reade and Candace Richards.

Art and performance: two decades of archaeology at the ancient theatre of Paphos, Cyprus

30 January 2018, Nicholson Museum

Presented by Dr Craig Barker, Director of the Paphos Theatre Archaeological Project.

Featured image (top of the page): Kato’alu (ceremonial basket), mid-19th century, Tonga