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Artwork by Guilo Paolini of ripped up photograph

Photography Falls Apart

Panel discussions on photography
Starting Wednesday 6 September: A series of three panel discussions that will explore photography and discuss how it challenges questions of truth and representation.

Since its inception in the mid-1800s, photography has been a disruptor technology, challenging, and reconfiguring our understanding of how we represent ourselves and our communities. Viewed through a performative lens, this series will explore photography in its vernacular and art forms and discuss how it challenges questions of truth and representation, while moving rapidly into the shadow of Artificial Intelligence, with its deep fakes and machine learning.

Panel #1: The Negative
6pm Wednesday 6 September 2023

This panel considers the negative as a site of transformation for representation and image-making. Our speakers will explore the photographic medium’s materiality, processes and performative qualities through practice and theory. 

On the site of transformation with Justine Varga, Geoffrey Batchen, Anne Ferran,  and James Tylor.

Justine Varga is an artist whose work examines the conventions of photography, exploring its process, materiality and relationship with time.

Geoffrey Batchen is Professor of the History of Art, Trinity College, University of Oxford, he is a specialist in the history of photography.

Working primarily with photography, Anne Ferran’s practice engages with colonial histories and the absence of women and children from the historical record.

James Tylor is a multi-disciplinary visual artist whose practice explores Australian environment, culture and social history through the perspectives of his multicultural heritage that comprises Nunga (Kaurna Miyurna), Māori (Te Arawa) and European (English, Scottish, Irish, Dutch and Norwegian) ancestry.

Panel #2: The Lens
6pm Thursday 16 November 2023

On bearing witness and catalysing change. Speakers TBA.

Panel #3: The Machine
6pm Thursday 18 April 2023

On new technologies of seeing. Speakers TBA.


This series has been organised in association with Photography Cultures at the University of Sydney and The Power Institute.