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Archaeological snail shell

The (archaeological) world is your oyster

Postponed, new date coming soon
In this presentation Dr Patrick Faulkner reveals the essential role shells play in understanding how people lived in the past.
Patrick Faulkner and archaeological snail shell on the table

Patrick Faulkner

When most people think about archaeology, they may visualise temples, pottery, megafauna, or even stone tools. Archaeologists can also consider a range of material that might often be thought of as being insignificant to the human story – including snails and clams from a range of aquatic and terrestrial environments.

Why are the good things that come in small (shelled) packages important for understanding ourselves in the past? Here we discuss aspects of human evolution, behavioural and cultural complexity, and how we interact with varied environments.

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This event has been postponed, a new date is coming soon.