14 December 2017

Best and brightest to mentor aspiring composers

As part of the Conservatorium's 2018-19 Composing Women program, four postgraduate research students will work with influential women in the Australian music industry.
10 November 2017

Con researchers awarded ARC grants

New funding from the Australian Research Council will enable researchers to better understand music in historical and social contexts.
16 October 2017

The Con Remix 17

Put your spin on a classic piece of music for the chance to win generous prizes to support your musical career.
18 September 2017

A year of success for a rising star

Aspiring pianist Calvin Abdiel has just enjoyed a year of glittering success at national and international piano competitions. And he's only 16.
06 September 2017

Pietra Quartet wins 2017 Westheimer Fellowship

Four talented musicians at the Conservatorium have been awarded the Gerald Westheimer String Quartet Fellowship which offers private coaching, mentoring and development opportunities.
04 May 2017

PhD student Katia Beaugeais invited to 100SAX

PhD student Katia Beaugeais performed as a guest soloist-composer with 100 other saxophonists at a unique two-day event.
11 April 2017

Indigenous women from remote communities unite in song

In an exchange of cultures, Indigenous women from highly remote communities on opposite sides of the world will unite in song: six Kam women are travelling from rural China to sing with seven Anmatyerr women from central Australia.