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Composition for creative industries

Compose, score and arrange music for a wide range of industries
Graduate ready for a career in the creative industries by learning to write music for film, TV, video games, new media and more.

What is composition for creative industries?

Our Composition for Creative Industries program focuses on writing music for screen arts (feature films, animation, television, documentary, video games and online media) and for live events (theatre, dance, fashion shows, commercial and special events). Our students have composed for ABC TV, Belvoir St Theatre, Tropfest and Comic Con.

Working with creative colleagues such as directors and other artists, you will learn to write high-quality music to specific briefs.

You will gain skills in instrumental, vocal and electronic music and learn to notate, score, arrange and produce music suitable for film, TV, theatre, emerging media and other commercially oriented genres.

This program produces broadly educated musicians who can apply their knowledge and skills to a wide range of music and arts-related contexts and professions.

You will study composition, musical analysis, music technology and orchestration, as well as history and cultural studies.

Our Composition for Creative Industries program allows you to:

  • study composition with some of Australia's most highly regarded creative voices
  • form collaborative links with other musicians and performers at the Conservatorium and throughout the University
  • gain exclusive access to opportunities within the creative industries
  • access and develop skills using a broad range of music software and studio gear
  • take a Digital Music and Media minor to have comprehensive set of composition and production skills.
  • composing for film, TV and online media
  • composing for advertising
  • scoring and arranging for film, TV and other screen-based genres
  • composing for video games
  • composing and arranging for theatre
  • creating music for theatre, dance and multimedia productions
  • composing and arranging live music for commercial functions and major special events
  • music copyist, editor, engraver
  • studio musician
  • event producer
  • festival or venue manager

What are my study options with composition for creative industries?

Sydney Conservatorium of Music took part in VIVID Sydney 2017, a hugely popular annual festival.