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Alexis Weaver

Bachelor of Music (Composition) 2018
Alexis Weaver is specialising in electroacoustic composition. Her course has given her opportunities to put her new skills and compositions into practice through various performances.
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My audition

I studied Music 1 as part of my HSC, as that was the only music subject offered at my high school. I'd always been involved in music through performance and study outside of school, but it was only during the HSC that I became interested and started to consider pursuing composing.

The composition portfolio I submitted to the Con was made up of my HSC piece and two others that I hurriedly composed afterward to make up the quota.

To prepare for the interview, I made sure I could speak confidently about the pieces I'd composed, which composers and pieces had influenced me, and why I wanted to study composition at university. Making sure I understood exactly what was motivating me gave me much more confidence in my interview.

Where I am now

I am studying for a Bachelor of Composition.

I've decided to specialise in electroacoustic composition – my passion is composing with recorded sound. This is an area of music that I didn't even know existed before I began my studies at the Con. I thought I was going to be an instrumental composer but the Music Technology department opened my eyes to a new world of sound creation, and the passion and dedication they have for their craft has really inspired me.

My experience

I love that I've been able to put what I learn and produce here into action in the outside world pretty much immediately through concerts, competitions, and calls for works.

Another amazing thing about this place is the people – studying here puts me in the centre of an amazing network of creative minds. It's impossible not to find inspiration from the people around you.

My favourite subjects

I've enjoyed almost every subject I've studied here. Each one has undoubtedly benefited me in some way, including my first and second-year compulsory Harmony and Aural Perception subjects, which are still proving useful every day.

Some other memorable subjects included New Music, New Thinking with Damien Ricketson, Electroacoustic Music, Interactive Sound and Media Installations, Improvisation with Judy Bailey ... the list goes on!

I've also been lucky enough to be mentored by Ivan Zavada and Daniel Blinkhorn, who are both amazing teachers and composers I look up to.

My future

I'd like to undertake more research at the Conservatorium after I graduate this year – I'm not done with study just yet!

That being said, I'm also considering taking a year off to compose, perform and really consolidate what I've learned over the past four years.

My advice

You think you know a lot about music – you don't!

Every year and every subject reveals a new corner of this vast field of knowledge that I didn't know existed. Even in my fourth year, I feel like I'm still on the tip of the musical iceberg. It's extremely difficult to exhaust all possibilities while studying music.


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