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Postgraduate research and admission

Make an impact with music
Work with leaders in performance, composition, musicology and music education who have developed distinctive research across all areas of music.

What is a postgraduate research in music degree?

Postgraduate research degrees in music can be taken at either a masters level or a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), the highest qualification on the Australian Qualifications Framework. Your research will involve a thesis or dissertation that explores a specific area in music, deeming you an expert in that field. Our supervising research staff are versed in a range of disciplines and will support the development of your research and communication skills.

Why do postgraduate research at Sydney?

Sydney Conservatorium of Music is one of Australia’s premier music research institutions.

  • Hone your presentation skills at our various research showcase events such as the Sydney Conservatorium Graduate Symposium and the Musicology Colloquium Series.
  • Work under the supervision of researchers highly knowledgeable in their fields.
  • Explore your music interest within a vibrant and talented community of aspiring musicians, researchers and educators – all of whom share a passion for music.

Our research areas

Research may be undertaken as supervised research projects in composition, musicology, music education, performance and interdisciplinary applied research topic areas, including:

  • acoustics
  • Australian Indigenous studies
  • educational psychology
  • electronic and score-based composition
  • ethnomusicology
  • historical interpretation
  • intercultural studies
  • music analysis
  • music perception and cognition
  • music learning
  • music pedagogy
  • music teaching
  • music technology
  • performance practice
  • popular music studies
  • psychology
  • sociology of music
  • Southeast Asian music
  • Stylistics
  • Western historical musicology.

How to apply

  • Contact one of our academic staff whose field aligns with your proposed research. Once you have confirmed your supervisor, apply directly to the University of Sydney
  • Once your application is complete with all required supporting documentation, we will contact you to arrange an interview.

Dr Myfany Turpin

Dr Myphany Turpin
Australian Research Council Future Fellow
“I’m hoping my research will help Aboriginal people keep their traditions alive by providing opportunities for performance and learning, and by creating records for future generations.”
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