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Postgraduate courses and admission

Extend your knowledge and technical mastery as a musician
Our postgraduate coursework degrees are designed to prepare you for the music profession, with a strong emphasis on perfecting your professional performance skills.

Your guide to the admissions process

  1. Apply
  2. Register audition and interview
  3. Check email for a confirmation of your audition and interview.

To learn about the audition process and requirements, read the Postgraduate Audition Guide:

Semester 1, 2025 entry 

Audition dates and interviews Audition registration deadline

Live auditions 8 to 12 July 2024

(excluding Opera, offered in round 2 only)

30 June 2024.

Live auditions 30 September to 4 October 2024

22 September 2024

Live auditions 2 to 3 December 2024

(excluding Opera, offered in round 2 only)

30 November 2024
  1. Apply

No formal audition is required. Your final recital result of an SCM performance award course will be used as the audition for admission, provided the recital takes place within six months of intended admission.

  1. Apply
  2. Register audition.  If applying in classical voice or opera, you will also interview.
  3.  Check email for a confirmation of your audition or interview.


Please make sure you provide your student number or a valid IPU number in your audition application.




2024 Postgraduate Audition Guide (English)

Download PDF

2024 Postgraduate Audition Guide (Mandarin)

Download PDF