ARC Linkage project with the defence industry

Working with Harris Corp and Defence Science Technology Group
Using the latest technology in nanophotonics, this ARC Linkage project will help industry and government solve complex problems in defence and communications. It also has application for next-generation civilian mobile networks.

Sydney Nano member Professor Benjamin Eggleton is joining forces with Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Group, US technology company and defence contractor Harris Corporation and Australian National University (ANU).

The $540,000 project will develop advanced nanophotonics technologies to enhance satellite communications, radar systems and surveillance capabilities for defence, as well as lay the groundwork for future fifth-generation wireless communications. 

The project aims to develop microwave photonic processors with increased bandwidth and unprecedented radio frequency signal processing. The new chip-scale platform should provide vastly improved performance for applications such as phased-array antennas, satellite communications, electronic-countermeasures and radar processing as well as for fifth-generation wireless communications for civilian uses.

The project will lead to job creation and revenue growth in companies working with the Australian defence forces. As it is adopted by industry, our expertise in photonic integration will improve international competitiveness for Australian high-technology manufacturers.