Partnership with NSW Smart Sensing Network

Smart sensors addressing real world challenges
Sydney Nano partners with NSSN to link academia and industry for the development of smart sensing solutions for sectors such as energy, resources, manufacturing, environment, transport, agriculture, space and health.

The NSW Smart Sensing Network (NSSN) was established in July 2016 with funding from the NSW State Government through the Office of the Chief Scientist & Engineer, bringing together smart sensing expertise in academia, industry and government to develop a strong, collaborative and innovative network that will deliver economic and social benefits for New South Wales. 

Nano and quantum sensors are offering innovative approaches to collect critical data for real world challenges such as air quality monitoring, condition assessment and leak detection for live water networks, strucural assessment of buildings, health monitoring and diagnostics and landmines detection. The range of smart sensor applications is broad, spanning from subsurface imaging of archaeological sites to space missions. Sydney Nano Members are actively researching in all such fields.      

Sydney Nano and the NSSN are organising joint events and utilising synergies in industry-led research:

Event examples are the NSSN’s Frontier in Sensing Forum 2019, the Sydney Nano Distinguished Lecture by CSIRO Chief Scientist Dr Cathy Foley on quantum sensing, and the five virtual NSSN workshops to explore sensing solutions for challenges arising through COVID-19.

Project examples are the Plan Jericho Smart Sensing Laboratory for nano photonic sensors and the DST Group’s STaR Shot of Quantum Assured Positioning Navigation and Timing (PNT) project utilising quantum sensing technology.