Our research

We conduct groundbreaking research with scientific, social, medical and economic impact
Our research strategy aligns with the University’s objectives to build a culture of multidisciplinary research excellence and to achieve broad recognition and impact, nationally and internationally.

Our academic framework is based on three themes and four domains, and these are underpinned by infrastructure and capability platforms. The research activities are centred around research programs. One thing all our programs have in common is that they are multidisciplinary, bringing together researchers from many disciplines to transform our economy, society and everyday.  

We have four funded complementary schemes: Our Grand Challenges are the flagship scheme of Sydney Nano designed to develop multidisciplinary solutions for important challenges of our society and/or economy. Kickstarters are shorter-term seed funded nodes that have the potential to develop into Grand Challenges. Frontiers aim for the translation of one technology platform into multiple applications with a high potential of commercialisation. Catalysts are introducing new ways of thinking and working across our research programs or support the understanding of research across the broader society.     

Sydney Nano Networks are aligned to faculty strategies and form integrated large-scale research focus areas with the potential of achieving transformational research outcomes and global impact over the long term. They aim to connect existing research expertise and capability across the whole University to create new synergies and innovation.

Building a culture of research excellence starts with our people and infrastructure. Our researchers are involved in programs of work that may affect something as large as a country’s defence capabilities – or one’s personal security while using their mobile phone. We are actively working on sustainability issues that affect the global population and our environment. The potential of nanotechnology in the medical field has fuelled ideas for science fiction, but we are turning it into reality.

Our researchers work across the University: in the purpose-built Sydney Nanoscience Hub, with access to the University’s state-of-the-art core research facilities and other laboratories. This accessibility to cutting edge technology, managed by world-class experts, significantly enhances our efficiency and adds value to our work.

Our research programs are multidisciplinary and focus on solving some of the big issues facing humanity today. We are aiming to discover groundbreaking solutions by creating the Grand Challenge, Frontier, Catalyst and Kickstarter projects; and by incorporating expertise from disciplines across the University in a range of research programs.