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Our research

We conduct groundbreaking research with scientific, social, medical and economic impact
Our research strategy aligns with the University’s objectives to build a culture of multidisciplinary research excellence and to achieve broad recognition and impact, nationally and internationally.

We have a range of research programs including the Grand Challenges which bring together researchers from across the university. These programs aim to transform our economy, society and everyday.  

Three new schemes have also been announced this year to build research capacity of the institute and help expand our research activities beyond Grand Challenges. The new schemes are Frontier, Catalyst and Kickstarter, which will complement, underpin and act as a precursor to Grand Challenges, respectively. These will provide opportunities for researchers to work in multidisciplinary project nodes that could turn into Grand Challenges or deal with societal aspects of Sydney Nano’s research.

Building a culture of research excellence starts with our people and infrastructure. Our researchers are involved in programs of work that may affect something as large as a country’s defences – or your own security while using your mobile phone. We’re actively working on sustainability issues that affect the global population and our environment. The potential of nanoscience in the medical field has fuelled ideas for films and books, but we’re making it a reality.

Our researchers work across the University: in the recently built Sydney Nanoscience Hub and other laboratories, with access to the University’s core research facilities. This access to purpose-built technology, and the experts who manage the facilities, increases our efficiency and adds value to our work.

Our research programs are multidisciplinary and focus on solving some of the big issues facing humanity today. We are aiming to discover groundbreaking solutions by creating the Grand Challenge, Frontier, Catalyst and Kickstarter projects; and by incorporating expertise from disciplines across the University in a range of research programs.