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Sydney Nano Networks

Innovation through connected expertise and capabilities

Sydney Nano networks connects multi-disciplinary expertise and capabilities across the University, to create solutions for major societal, economic and scientific challenges.

Sydney Nano networks form integrated large-scale research focus areas achieving transformational research outcomes and global impact over the long-term.

Aligned with wider-University strategies, our networks aim to address international and national research priorities, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Australian Research Priorities.

Networks activate and utilise academic and professional expertise and capability across the whole University, creating new synergies and innovation by breaking down traditional boundaries.

Our Sydney Nano networks:

  • are vehicles for break-through discoveries through multi and interdisciplinary expertise
  • build a platform for the creation of intellectual property and commercialisation
  • act as an entrance point and engagement opportunity for industry
  • provide expert advice for government departments, policy maker, regulator or other critical authority
  • educate students
  • inform the general public.

Our Current Networks:


NanoHealth connects groups of expertise and capabilities in areas of medicine and health, focusing on global and local health priorities and end-user experience. Our multi-disciplinary research teams work across the University on focus areas such as infectious disease, antimicrobial resistance, cancer, nanovision, cardiovascular disease, and neurological disorders. NanoHealth is Co-sponsored by Sydney Nano Director, Professor Stephen Bartlett and Deputy Executive Dean, Faculty of Medicine & Health, Professor Mark Rees.

Smart Sustainable Building

The Smart Sustainable Building network connects groups of expertise and capabilities in areas of architecture, construction materials and building infrastructure, focusing on global and national sustainability priorities for the built-environment. Our multi-disciplinary research teams work across the University bringing expertise to focus on areas such as sustainable building envelopes and materials, smart sensing of indoor environment control and circular constructions. Smart Sustainable Building is Co-sponsored by Sydney Nano Director, Professor Stephen Bartlett and Associate Dean Research, Professor Ali Abbas.