The winners of the grand challenges

Nano Solutions for Grand Challenges

Transforming our economy, society and everyday life

The Sydney Nano Grand Challenges are aimed at discovering ground-breaking solutions to the world’s greatest challenges that are of social, economic and scientific significance. Bringing together researchers from across the University, the multidisciplinary Grand Challenge initiative will be enabled by advances in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Sydney Nano Grand Challenges are flagship programs of our Institute. They all align with the strategic priorities of the University and foster multidisciplinary collaboration amongst Faculties, other multidisciplinary institutes, Core Research Facilities and Professional Service Units. The strategic research framework of the institute is based on themes and domains, and the Grand Challenges are interlinked with this framework. 

Each Grand Challenge engages researchers across the whole University and comprises most senior academics to researchers in the early stages of their career. They provide opportunities for multidisciplinary research and education while presenting opportunities for industry partnerships, commercialisation and outreach with the public.