Sydney Nano Grand Challenges 2022

2022 Grand Challenges

Sydney Nano has announced four new multidisciplinary Grand Challenge projects with the aim of tackling emerging issues facing society, the economy and everyday life. The visionary projects will capitalise on talents across faculties, seek engagement with industry and leverage expertise at one of the world’s best facilities for big ideas at the nanoscale.

Our current Grand Challenges spanning 2022 - 2023 are:

Eco-Active Building Envelopes

To lay the groundwork for a new generation of buildings that are self-sufficient in energy and water consumption, able to produce on-site food to encourage healthy eating habits and contribute to the regulation of heat stress and pollution. Led by Dr Arianna Brambilla & Prof. Deanna D’Alessandro.

Nanosensing Airborne Pathogens for Public Biosecurity

To develop disruptive nanoscale sensing technologies for detection of airborne pathogens to upgrade public biosecurity standards and regulations. Led by Prof. Antonio Tricoli & Prof. Corinne Caillaud.

Organ-on-Chip for Blood Clot assessment

To develop microfluidic devices based on vascular imaging of affected patients to detect thrombotic tendency in recipients of COVID-19 vaccine. Led by Dr Lining (Arnold) Ju & Dr Freda Passam.

Solar Fuels

To create new nanomaterials and chemical processes that capture and ‘bottle’ sunlight in the form of energy-rich, renewable fuels. Led by Prof. Anita Ho-Baillie & Dr Fengwang Li.