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About us

Global leadership in exploration of the nanoscale
Our mission is to discover and harness research at the nanoscale for the benefit of society.

At Sydney Nano we like to say that the next giant leap is seriously small. Revolutionary changes in science and technology have opened up our access to the very smallest scales of matter: the nanoscale.

At this scale, the unusual behaviour of atoms, electrons, photons and molecules can be harnessed to make powerful tools to benefit humanity.

Nanoscale science and technology present a range of exciting opportunities for the world. Our research is impacting a huge variety of areas including manufacturing, energy and the environment; health and medicine; and communications, computing and security.

Based at our purpose-built Sydney Nanoscience Hub, our institute was founded to bring together expertise across our University and beyond to focus on extending and deepening our knowledge of the nanoscale. And through our education programs we are inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Together, we are tackling some of the most challenging problems that humanity faces: inventing new technologies for renewable energy; designing new medicines; nanorobots for surgery; and taking inspiration from nature to develop completely new materials engineered at the nanoscale.

We are building completely new machines that operate using the quantum laws of nature.

Our multidisciplinary approach builds on our collective strength in quantum science, nanophotonics, nanoscale materials and molecular nanoscience.

Impacts from this technology will be felt far beyond science, medicine and engineering. That is why Sydney Nano reaches across our academic community into the arts and social sciences, business, law, architecture and design.

In order to discover ground breaking solutions to some of the world's greatest challenges, we have created the Sydney Nano Grand Challenges. These projects bring together researchers from across the University and the multidisciplinary initiatives will be enabled by advances in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Sydney Nano also has strong partnerships with industry and research institutions in Australia and across the world. Our facilities are open for collaboration with entrepreneurial companies seeking dynamic translation of fundamental research.

Come explore with us: we are only at the beginning of a revolution that will be as transformative this century as the digital revolution was in the last.