Computing, communication and security

Tackling the biggest technical challenges of the 21st century
From quantum machines to blockchain, we’re at the forefront of research on emerging computing and communication technologies and their impact on security systems.

This industry theme covers the next generation of computing and communication technologies and their security, including the Internet of Things, quantum computing, autonomous sensor networks, and optical communication systems.  

Nano and quantum are rapidly becoming primary contributors and drivers in these fields. The potential for these technologies is gaining sustained interest across industry in Australia and globally – from health and chemistry to energy and space exploration.

Our experts cover a wide range of research in computing, communication, and security, including:

  • quantum computing
  • mobile and nano communications, wireless sensors, 5G and beyond
  • Internet of Things, Fog Computing, Smart Dust
  • protocol and data security, blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT), including quantum resilience
  • secure hardware, including FPGA
  • optical devices and communication.

Microsoft - Quantum Computing Research

Quantum computing will be one of the most transformative technologies of the 21st century

The University has signed a multi-year partnership with Microsoft, creating an unrivalled setting and foundation for quantum research in Sydney and Australia, housed inside the $150 million Sydney Nanoscience Hub.

Q-CTRL - a quantum technology company

Powering the quantum revolution

Q-CTRL, the first spin-off from the University of Sydney’s Quantum Science group, was established with the support of global venture capital firms to be the trusted provider of quantum control for all emerging quantum technologies.