Health and medicine

Next-generation biomedical solutions
Our health and medicine theme consolidates expertise in the areas of life science, engineering, medicine, pharmacy and pharmacology, as well as the clinical sciences to develop nanoscale solutions for the detection, prevention and treatment of major health problems.

The overarching goal of this theme is to apply world-class nanoscience to ease the burden of major health conditions including cancer, diabetes, neurological disorders and pulmonary diseases through the development and integrated use of nanotherapeutics and nanotechnology.

We take a multidisciplinary approach to address biomedical needs and our research integrates fundamental and applied research programs.

Our approach is to discover new technologies, assess their impacts and identify emerging areas for research.

New technologies

We want to use our knowledge to develop medical solutions for detection and effective treatment of medical conditions:

  • New nanomaterials and nanoparticles for therapeutic application – drug delivery, polymer nanostructures, antimicrobial nanoparticles
  • Molecular sensors

Related research programs include:

Biological and environmental impacts

We need to understand the biological and environmental impacts of nanomaterials to protect health and support the sustainability and benefits of nanotechnology.

  • Nanosafety
  • Food safety
  • Nanotherapeutics

Related research programs include:

Emerging research

We are working to identify emerging areas for research and develop next-generation medical technologies

Related research programs include:

New interdisciplinary knowledge generated within this theme will lead to a fundamental change in the way medical conditions are managed. This includes the developing technologies that will provide new diagnostic capabilities and allow for more personalised and effective therapies with reduced side effects.

Central to these goals is our state-of-art institute infrastructure that includes a suite of nano-bio-characterisation facilities and strategic partnerships with industry partners.

With this approach we aim to bring about significant societal and economic benefits, including reduced morbidity, extended lifespans, accelerated recovery and overall improved quality of life.