Manufacturing, energy and environment

Nanotechnology for a sustainable future

Nanotechnology is transforming the manufacturing, energy and environment sector, allowing for industrial innovation in solar power, energy storage, carbon capture, improved sustainability, and pollution and waste management.

Nanoscience and technology is improving the energy sector along the whole supply chain from harvesting, production, storage and conversion to distribution of clean energy. This is happening through the development of nano and quantum materials, and structures for more efficient solar cells, or the use of nanotechnology in batteries, such as those developed by Gelion, a company successfully spun-off from Sydney Nano.

For projects in the field of manufacturing, energy and environment, we have the capacity to build multidisciplinary teams of academics and professionals from engineering, materials science, chemistry, physics, architecture, industrial design, policy and business. In doing so, we tackle global challenges in a holistic and sustainable way.  

Nanotechnology also helps reduce energy consumption in the transportation and building sectors through:

  • nanostructured coatings reducing friction
  • strong and lightweight materials
  • functional nanomaterials
  • nanoscale industrial design.

We are conducting research to understand the ecological impacts of nanomaterials in food, consumer products and industrial use. Our researchers are also developing new methods to avoid and handle nano debris.

Case studies