Nano-engineered reversible energy storage

Energy storage for the future
This program aims to provide the necessary breakthroughs in battery technology to enable pervasive application.

There is little doubt that society must progressively transition to non-fossil-based energy, to address both the need to reduce carbon emissions and the finite supply of the fossil-fuel resource base. Energy storage is the missing technology that will enable us to move beyond the current paradigm of a centralised and immediately-used power generation, the associated large integrated grids, and the challenges arising from the need to incorporate the intermittency that is introduced by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power.

Key activities of this program include designing and fabricating nanodomains of electroactive materials, using self-assembly and electrode patterning, with their subsequent interrogation at nanoscale resolution through in situ methods, leading to prototype devices.

Our team

This truly multidisciplinary research team comprises the following researchers: Professors Brendan Kennedy, Tony Vassallo, Yuan Chen, Chris Ling, as well as Associate Professors Tony Masters, Siggi Schmidt, and Andrew Minett.

This program led to the successful spin-off company Gelion Technologies Pty Ltd.

Gelion Technologies

Better batteries for the future

Gelion Technologies is the first Sydney Nano spin-off company. It was founded by our first director Professor Thomas Maschmeyer to develop cheap, safe and durable zinc-bromine batteries that outcompete lithium-ion technology.

Thomas Maschmeyer

Professor & Federation Fellow
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  • Room 303 School of Chemistry F11