Our facilities open up new research potential
In our nanoscience facilities, our researchers and students are devising, fabricating, testing and deploying new nanoscale science and technology that could change the world.

Our facilities are comprised of:

The Sydney Nanoscience Hub is the centrepiece of our commitment to 21st-century science and innovation in one of the most promising modern research areas.

This building houses academic laboratories, core nanofabrication and characterisation facilities, and state-of-the-art teaching spaces all underpinning our core mission in research and education.

The Sydney Nanoscience Hub is jointly funded by the Commonwealth Education Infrastructure Fund and the University of Sydney.

The Sydney NanoProbe Hub is a facility specialising in the nanocharacterisation of biological nanomaterials such as proteins, DNA and extracellular vesicles and interactions of exogenous nanomaterials with bacteria, cells and tissues. 



Core research facilities

High-impact research through state-of-the-art infrastructure

Pursuing research excellence requires the latest innovative technology across all disciplines. This is why we're investing in world-class and openly-accessible core research facilities.

Research and Prototype Foundry

Enabling fabrication at micro and nano scale

The Research and Prototype Foundry, based at the Sydney Nanoscience Hub, offers instruments for the fabrication of devices and structures with features on the micro and nano scale. Our specialised processes allow researchers and industry to develop and prototype new devices.