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Our members

Connecting researchers to tackle problems at the nanoscale
Our membership brings together nearly 800 academic and professional staff from faculties and service units. We have over 180 Members leading nano-related research programs as Chief Investigators at the University of Sydney.

Our members

Professor Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou

Dr John Bartholomew

Professor Stephen Bartlett

Associate Professor Peter Bennett

Dr Ben Brown

Professor Iver Cairns

Dr Tara Christie

Associate Professor Ronald Clarke

Professor Deanna D'Alessandro

Professor Simon De Graaf

Professor Martijn de Sterke

Professor Andrew Doherty

Professor Benjamin Eggleton

Professor Simon Fleming

Professor Philip Gale

Professor Peter Gill

Professor Ben Goldys

Dr Arne Grimsmo

Associate Professor Brian Hawkett

Professor Annette Haworth

Professor Anita Ho-Baillie

Professor Katrina Jolliffe

Associate Professor Brian Jones

Associate Professor Ivan Kassal

Professor Michael Kassiou

Professor Brendan Kennedy

Professor Cameron Kepert

Associate Professor Boris Kuhlmey

Professor Zdenka Kuncic

Dr Ann Kwan

Associate Professor Girish Lakhwani

Associate Professor Maryanne Large

Dr Yu Heng Lau

Professor Emeritus Peter Lay

Associate Professor Sergio Leon-Saval

Professor Chris Ling

Professor Joel Mackay

Dr Lauren Macreadie

Dr Arunima Malik

Professor Thomas Maschmeyer

Professor David McKenzie

Associate Professor Alice Motion

Associate Professor Markus Muellner

Professor Chiara Neto

Professor Elizabeth New

Associate Professor Stefano Palomba

Professor Richard Payne

Dr Sveta Postnova

Professor Louis Rendina

Professor Siegbert Schmid

Professor Catherine Stampfl

Professor Daniel Tan

Dr Alessandro Tuniz

Professor Peter Tuthill

Professor Gregory Warr

Professor Tony Weiss

Dr Shelley Wickham

Associate Professor Asaph Widmer-Cooper

Professor Rongkun Zheng