Your donation can help us conquer impossible challenges at the nanoscale
Together, we can tackle some of the most challenging problems facing humanity. We’re developing new technologies to detect heart disease early, capture water during drought and turn CO2 emissions into a resource.

We are at the beginning of a revolution that will be as transformative this century as the digital revolution was in the last. Donate to Sydney Nano and help us to build completely new machines and materials that operate using the quantum laws of nature. Your support enables us to harness the unusual behaviour of atoms, electrons, photons and molecules to make powerful tools to benefit humanity.

I believe that Sydney Nano will change the direction of nanoscience and technology in Australia and globally – nanoscience will impact on both fundamental research and the very fabric of our society, economy and our daily life.
Professor Ben Eggleton, former Director Sydney Nano

Ways to give

  • Donate through our online giving form
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Planned giving

If you are considering making a planned gift or leaving a bequest, please contact one of our development professionals who will be able to assist you through this process.

Peta Magee

Director of Development (University Multidisciplinary Initiatives)
  • Level 2 Michael Spence Building F23