Unlocking the neural interface

Delivering cures for neurological diseases
Rethinking the means of intervention into the human nervous system to make untreatable neurological diseases treatable, and to transform treatments into comprehensive cures.

Unlocking the neural interface

This Grand Challenge harnesses the combined capacity of neural biology, electrical stimulation and nanotechnology to transform and restore neurons from a state of disease or dysfunction to a state of robust performance indistinguishable from normal function.

We achieve this by approaching the problem from three novel and distinct directions:

  1. Regrowth of the neuron utilising stem cells with their differentiation mediated by electrical stimulation.
  2. Redeployment of existing neural cell functionality through gene transfection utilising nanoparticle delivery vectors and electroporesis.
  3. Creation of synthetic neural synapses utilising neuromorphic nanowires to replace lost neural function that cannot otherwise be established through biological means.

Our goal is to unlock the neural code through the convergence of neural biology and electrical stimulation with nanotechnology.

Gregg Suaning

Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Head of School
  • +61 2 9351 7143 (EA - Cecile Sorensen)
  • Room 414, Level 4 Engineering Link Building J13

Zdenka Kuncic

Professor of Physics
  • +61 2 9351 7726
  • Room 415 Physics A28