PerkinElmer: innovative analytical tools

The first single-cell ICP mass spectrometry facility in Australia
PerkinElmer is a global leader in biological and chemical diagnostics. Our partnership has brought its unique analytical tools to Sydney Nano, allowing us to analyse elemental composition at the level of individual cells.

Through its partnership with PerkinElmer, Sydney Nano has established the first single-cell inductively coupled mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) facility in Australia.  

This has been achieved under the academic leadership of Associate Professor Elizabeth New, School of Chemistry, and Associate Professor Wojciech Chrzanowski, Faculty of Pharmacy. They have worked with PerkinElmer to develop new applications for their innovative single-cell ICP-MS device, which allows for the rapid ultra-high sensitive detection and analysis of metal compounds, metal-based drugs and inorganic nanoparticles in individual cells, bacteria and extracellular vesicles. This has uses in environmental and medical sciences, and growing applications in nanotechnology.

PerkinElmer selected Sydney Nano as its Australian strategic partner because of:

  • our high level of expertise and demonstrated research strengths in relevant fields supported by existing state-of-art infrastructure
  • the opportunity to work with researchers covering a wide range of scientific disciplines
  • the potential to extend the applications of this technology.
“Partnering with Sydney Nano, with its expertise in interfacial scientific problem solving, was perfect for us as this can help us develop technological solutions for a wider range of applications. This partnership will deliver real outcomes in the areas of clinical medicine, environmental toxicology, and nanotechnology.”
Scott Fraser, PerkinElmer