Q-CTRL - a quantum technology company

Powering the quantum revolution

Q-CTRL, the first spin-off from the University of Sydney’s Quantum Science group, was established with the support of global venture capital firms to be the trusted provider of quantum control for all emerging quantum technologies.

Quantum technology, harnessing the strangest effects in quantum physics as resources, will be as transformational in the 21st century as harnessing electricity was in the 19th. Quantum computing in particular promises to totally upend the way we process information, rendering previously uncomputable problems manageable – from the chemistry underpinning pharmaceutical discoveries to major challenges in codebreaking and materials science.

Q-CTRL provides solutions that support the growing ecosystem of entrepreneurs and technologists working to bring quantum computing to reality.

“Quantum control is a true enabler for quantum technology, allowing researchers and technologists to do more with their hardware.  Q-CTRL provides solutions to our customers helping them take advantage of everything quantum physics has to offer,” said founder and CEO Professor Michael J. Biercuk.

Despite the exceptional promise of quantum computing, the underlying hardware is highly susceptible to errors.  Reducing and controlling qubit errors will be essential for quantum devices to scale up to machines that are useful. That’s where Q-CTRL comes in, producing firmware for quantum computing and other applications based on Professor Biercuk’s research efforts in the Quantum Control Laboratory housed within the Sydney Nanoscience Hub, and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems.

Q-CTRL has attracted multimillion dollar investments from both Main Sequence Ventures – the manager of CSIRO’s innovation fund – and Horizons Ventures, based in Hong Kong.

“Quantum computing is an unstoppable new industry that Main Sequence Ventures wants to foster. Deep tech founder Michael Biercuk is developing solutions that will accelerate the development of this global industry, and we are proud that the company will be Australian.”
Phil Morle, partner at Main Sequence Ventures