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A room full of people attending a cultural competence workshop


Exploring the many facets of cultural competence
We inform, inspire, and provide the resources needed to embed cultural competence.

We work collaboratively to embed key learnings across the University of Sydney, our region and the wider international community. Workshops and training are designed to help you and your institution or organisation take part in the cultural competence journey.

All of our workshops are four-hours in duration and we can come to your location.

For more information about workshops that are tailored to your organisation, please email

Workshops on cultural competence

Over the course of this workshop, participants cover sessions around the concepts of identity, social and emotional wellbeing, and resilience. In keeping with the NCCC’s vision of cultural competence as beginning with understanding the self and then moving to an appreciation of the diverse worldviews of others, this workshop concentrates on providing participants with the opportunity to think deeply about their identity.

Situating the concept of wellbeing within a holistic Indigenous framework, the workshop aims to highlight the link between having a strong sense of identity and good wellbeing. The workshop provides a firm foundation upon which participants can progress in their cultural competence journey.

This workshop examines the building blocks of cultural competence. The understanding that multiple ways of being, knowing, and doing exist has given rise to the immediate need for cultural competence to be embedded into the work we do.

Participants will gain a foundational knowledge of cultural competence, be able to understand the impact their worldview and socialisation have on their interactions with others, and gain practical experience and knowledge through activity based sessions.

This workshop aims to promote pedagogical innovation, increased engagement in the learning process, and cultural competence outcomes. Specifically, the workshop provides people with the knowledge and resources to shift how they approach and facilitate learning through a relational social constructionist epistemology, encouraging learning from within and about their inter-relatedness and interdependence with each other and their broader social, political, cultural, environmental and professional contexts. 

In the university context staff and students continue to experience different forms of racism, which needs to be addressed in order to build safe and supportive environments and increase diversity. In order to understand racism and to continue the development of our cultural competence capabilities we need to understand more about the connections between power, privilege and racism.

This workshop will help participants to understand more about racism, privilege and oppression. Sessions will also focus on how the racist narrative in Australia has developed and is experienced. The workshop will also explore ways to address racism.