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27 October 2015

World-first study finds oxytocin benefits children with autism

A five week treatment with the synthetic hormone oxytocin significantly improved social, emotional and behavioural issues among young children with autism, according to University of Sydney research published today.

27 October 2015

Red meat's a tasty treat but too much can give you cancer

Too much red meat significantly increases your risk of cancer, but you shouldn't cut it from your diet completely, argues Dr Nial Wheate.

27 October 2015

Free flow of ideas - students and industry meet

How soil affects the safety of our cities and the similarities between machine-to-machine communication and children's netball are among the ideas to be presented to industry at today's Research Conversazione at the Seymour Centre.

27 October 2015

Sydney scientists at the heart of cardiovascular research

Three University of Sydney academics have been awarded Research Development Project Grants to further their innovative research and collaborations in cardiovascular health.

27 October 2015

Managing your own data

Our personal data is everywhere and should be controlled and managed by us, not others,  a University of Sydney expert will argue at this week’s  ACM Multimedia Conference in Brisbane