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09 November 2015

Microplate discovery dates birth of Himalayas

An international contingent of scientists, led by the University of Sydney, has discovered the first microplate in the Indian Ocean-helping identify when the initial collision between India and Eurasia occurred and dating the birth of the Himalayas as occurring 47 million years ago.

06 November 2015

How the insanity defence against a murder charge works

We should be concerned about the low numbers of people charged with criminal offences who raise mental impairment or mental illness defences, argues Associate Professor Arlie Loughnan.

06 November 2015

Study backs cat welfare: expert calls for early-age desexing

Research showing cats can be desexed younger than previously thought could have important implications for animal welfare and the environment.

06 November 2015

Keep an eye on vocal fry

Dr Cate Madill explores the speech phenomenon becoming increasingly common with young women in Australia, the UK and US.

05 November 2015

Accountability and the viral video: there are still no guarantees

The latest viral videos of police brutality and racist behaviour illustrate the steady increase in public accountability over recent decades, writes Professor Nick Enfield.

05 November 2015

Students unite to deliver health messages to community

The University of Sydney will premiere videos made by local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students to promote healthy life choices for young people in regional Australia.

05 November 2015

Anti-extremism policy an expensive recipe for disaster

NSW will spend $47 million to combat violent extremism in schools, but as Hussain Nadim explains, this approach has its problems.

04 November 2015

Big ideas in the arts: Seymour Centre's new direction at 40

Drawing on its historic ties with the University of Sydney, the Seymour Centre will launch the Great Ideas Performance Series, a program that marries captivating performances with academic insights.

04 November 2015

Academics must cut the tentacles that threaten to strangle them

New knowledge generated by publicly funded research should be quickly and easily accessible to the public, writes Professor Stephen Leeder.

04 November 2015

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders more pervasive than first thought

We need to change community attitudes to excessive use of alcohol to prevent fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, argues Professor Elizabeth Elliott.