04 December 2015

Student discovers stellar chamaeleon had astronomers fooled for years

A graduate student has discovered that astronomers have for years been mistakenly interpreting the dust in the environment of the brightest infrared star in the Northern sky. Images release today show none of the previously identified bright spots in fact contain the famous star, which is now believed to be buried in its own dust 450 light years from earth.

03 December 2015

University of Sydney again tops UAC preferences

The University of Sydney continues to be the destination of choice for New South Wales school leavers, according to figures released by the Universities Admissions Centre.

03 December 2015

Witnessing earthquake inspires young engineer to soil research

After living through a 6.5 magnitude earthquake in the New Zealand capital Wellington in 2013, 23-year-old Wang left his structural engineering role with a professional consultancy to take up a research degree into soil movement, in the hope of preventing future disasters.

03 December 2015

Fellowship to benefit people with disabilities and women entrepreneurs

The University of Sydney Business School and the Centre for Disability Research and Policy is providing women and people with disabilities in South East Asia with skills to exploit commercial opportunities.

03 December 2015

Let's get creative in the fight against obesity

The Charles Perkins Centre Writer in Residence Fellowship represents a new way of doing things in academia and could be a vital tool in the fight against chronic diseases, argues Professor Stephen Simpson.

03 December 2015

NDIS fully financed until 2019-20

The Commonwealth Government will not need to contribute additional funds to the NDIS until 2019-20, according to a paper released by the University of Sydney's Centre for Disability Research and Policy today.

02 December 2015

The first time I spoke in my own language I broke down and wept

The announcement that Aboriginal languages will now be part of the school curriculum in NSW is a necessary first step towards enshrining them for future generations, writes Professor Jakelin Troy.

02 December 2015

Creative teachers spark students' awe for science

A unique teaching model designed by the University of Sydney and the Opera House is unlocking classroom creativity and reaping results across the curriculum. 

02 December 2015

Victim impact statements need reform

Giving a victim impact statement can be therapeutic, but the process for doing so is often confusing.

01 December 2015

New Colombo Plan 2016 Scholars announced

Advancing a shared understanding of the Australian and Indonesian legal systems, and supporting educational exchanges with the Maldives are the goals of two University of Sydney New Colombo Plan fellows, announced this week.