31 March 2016

University speakers among Sydney Writers’ Festival highlights

This year's festival features a wide range of University staff and alumni and a special Sydney Ideas event with international author and philosopher Julian Baggini. 

31 March 2016

Macquarie’s Castle celebrated in world-premiere performance at The Chancellor’s Concert

A world-premiere performance of a new Elena Kats-Chernin work headlines the 2016 Chancellor’s Concert at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music on Friday 8 April.

31 March 2016

Efficiency prevails - why wattles rule

Research led by the University of Sydney has revealed a group of woody plants that include Australia's iconic wattle tree behave differently to other plants. 

30 March 2016

Why Australia must pursue change

The University of Sydney's first female professor of mathematics Professor Nalini Joshi gave an address to the National Press Club of Australia about women in STEM and the solution to an 88-year-old mathematics problem.

30 March 2016

Four easy steps to studying overseas on a student exchange

It’s a lot easier to combine study and overseas travel than you think. Here’s four easy steps to make the world your campus, and the truth about some myths you might have heard about student exchange.

30 March 2016

Online mental health support groups get new assistant

Moderator Assistant, a new electronic tool designed to increase the efficiency of online mental health chat services for young people seeking help for mental health issues has been launched.

30 March 2016

Students in design-athon to help people with disabilities

This week up to 40 students from the University of Sydney will take part in a design-athon to mastermind new products and technology that could help improve the lives of people living with a disability.

30 March 2016

Australia's got scientific female talent - here's how to stop wasting it

Nalini Joshi, the first female professor of mathematics ever appointed at the University of Sydney, addressed the National Press Club about Australia's scientific female talent.

30 March 2016

Are growing pains real?

Growing pains are the most common childhood musculoskeletal condition resulting in frequent visits to healthcare professionals. For two centuries, its incidence, cause and treatment have baffled the health and medical community writes Professor Joshua Burns.

29 March 2016

Legalising medicinal cannabis would create $100 million industry

Analysis from the University of Sydney Business School has found that legalising medicinal cannabis in Australia could create a new industry worth more than $100 million per year.