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26 April 2016

Teaching literacy can't be done in five easy steps

One of the best ways for children to excel in reading comprehension is for them to interact widely with a wide range of books, selected by them, for enjoyment, writes Professor Robyn Ewing.

26 April 2016

Government's subsidised dental care plan cautiously welcomed

The University of Sydney’s Dean of Dentistry, Professor Chris Peck has cautiously welcomed the federal government’s plan to spend $5 billion over four years subsidising a public dental scheme it hopes will provide treatment to more than 10 million people.

26 April 2016

An elusive virtuoso who embraced ambiguity and female desire

Sacred. Profane. Lover. Slave. Coy. Explicit. Intimate. Epic. Human. Messiah. Prince was a study in oppositions, ambiguity, and resistance.

26 April 2016

Outstanding achievements honoured at the 2016 Alumni Awards

Artists are a mad bunch, but "we’re all thinkers", said noted artist and activist Ben Quilty (BVA '96) as he accepted his award for Cultural Contribution at the 2016 Alumni Awards last week.