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02 August 2016

Elite Athletes vs Couch Potatoes: can the Rio Games bridge the divide?

In the lead up to Rio 2016, Dr Chris Neff is joined by Senior Lecturer Dr Steve Georgakis (HumanMov)(’94) PhD(’00) BEd MEd(’11) to discuss the growing commercialisation of sport and the impact this has on participation.

02 August 2016

FemFlix revisits an overlooked decade of 90s feminism in Australia

An overlooked decade of 90s feminism that saw the rise of cyberfeminists, zine counter culture and high-octane post-punk gestures on screen is revisited in a new exhibition FemFlix at Sydney College of the Arts from 10 August to 3 September 2016.

02 August 2016

We are wasting our waste

Australia needs technology innovations, in particular, new technologies for the sustainable processing of industrial waste or by-products.  

02 August 2016

Faintest hisses from space reveal famous star’s past life

Research led by a PhD student investigating the cosmic ruins of a famous star has resulted in the piecing together of its past dating back millions of years. The star's spectacular explosion 29 years ago was the closest seen from Earth; the findings about supernova remnant 1987A will help astrophysicists' understanding of supernovas generally.