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13 September 2016

Margaret Harris to be Acting Dean of SCA

Professor Margaret Harris, the former Acting Dean of the Sydney College of Arts, will resume the role, taking over from Professor Colin Rhodes who has decided to move to a new role after 10 years.

13 September 2016

University rankings: how do they work and are they important?

From study options and career choices, to campus life, exchange opportunities, and where your friends go, there are many things you'll take into account when deciding on which university to choose. These days there are also university rankings.

13 September 2016

We should learn to love germs

Should Australia follow the lead of the US and ban the use of anti-bacterial compounds? Can we learn to love germs instead of fearing them? Dr Nicholas Coleman, microbiologist from the University of Sydney, weighs into the debate.

13 September 2016

New app helps fix dogged problems

The University of Sydney is launching a world-first app that will not only help owners help their dogs be happier and healthier, but could also play a life-saving role by teaching young dogs to behave better - thereby reducing the chances of pups falling victim to what are currently their top killers.

13 September 2016

Outsource WHO jobs to more capable agencies, experts say

It's time to outsource key functions of The World Health Organisation to agencies better placed and qualified to execute the WHO's remit, say experts in today's British Medical Journal - Global Health.