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02 November 2017

Financial motives drive some doctors’ decisions to offer IVF

Research published today in the journal Human Fertility, suggests the money being made from IVF could be subtly changing the advice doctors give, write Dr Wendy Lipworth and Professor Ian Kerridge.

02 November 2017

Are we barking mad to restrict dogs from riding public transport?

A study of Sydney dog owners has found that an overwhelming 95 percent of people are in favour of dogs riding on public transport, with more than half saying they would do more with their hound if they were allowed.

02 November 2017

What 3 budding entrepreneurs gained from cross-disciplinary program

Three University of Sydney students are among the first to complete a new cross-disciplinary program at the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship.

02 November 2017

Black Lives Matter founders to accept Sydney Peace Prize

Movement founders Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi are accepting the 2017 City of Sydney Peace Prize at a ceremony in Sydney's Town Hall.

02 November 2017

From quantum physicist to CEO: how Michael Biercuk started Q-Ctrl

Quantum computers face roadblocks in development due to qubit instability. With backing from CSIRO and venture capital, Q-Ctrl will develop the firmware to stabilise the quantum revolution.