10 April 2018

Professor Ben Eggleton appointed director of Sydney Nano

Professor Eggleton is a world expert on nanophotonics, the study of light at very small scales. He becomes director of the University of Sydney Nano Institute on 1 May, succeeding Professor Susan Pond.
10 April 2018

Iraq museum looting: 15 years on

The ransacking of the National Museum of Iraq is one of the worst acts of cultural vandalism in modern times.
10 April 2018

Thinking about getting your child the flu vaccine?

Young children catch and spread the flu more than any other age group and thousands of children are hospitalised every year, writes Professor Kristine Macartney, a paediatrician specialising in infectious diseases.
10 April 2018

University and ABC seek next generation research talent

A greater appreciation and understanding of Australian humanities research will result from a partnership between the ABC and the University of Sydney to support researchers with a flair and passion for communicating their vital work.
10 April 2018

Australia struggles to plan for affordable homes

An Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute report, led by the University of Sydney, outlines suggestions for how to leverage the planning system to create more affordable housing.