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24 April 2018

Are dentists influenced by gifts and incentives?

Compared to the medical profession, there is less discussion and scrutiny of gift-giving and incentives, and their potential to influence the behaviour of dentists, argue two University of Sydney experts in the latest issue of the Journal of Law and Medicine.
24 April 2018

Young performers pushing the boundaries between opera and cabaret

Students from the University of Sydney Conservatorium of Music have joined forces with their Wollongong peers to create an operatic spectacular.
24 April 2018

How #MeToo has created a safe space for women

The #MeToo movement has put male privilege on notice. A student and a graduate discuss the mechanics of social change and their experience of the movement.
24 April 2018

Galaxies grow bigger and puffier as they age: new study

Sydney scientists have discovered just one number captures the essence of a galaxy's shape and moves in lockstep with its age - young ones are thin and old ones are fat - which could provide insights into galaxy formation.
24 April 2018

New funding to develop one-of-a-kind biomedical device

New government funding will help one of the University of Sydney's key industry partners significantly progress the commercialisation of a one-of-a-kind innovation developed by our biomedical engineering researchers.
24 April 2018

9 facts you didn't know about the carillon

90 years ago, the carillon bells arrived on our shores and were transported through Sydney to their new home at the University. To celebrate this milestone, we look at nine facts you might not know about the carillon.

24 April 2018

Awards to honour alumni who have shaped our world

The Alumni Awards return for another year, celebrating the achievements of our alumni and recent graduates and their contributions to the University and the wider community.