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09 July 2018

Fellowships to support outstanding early-career researchers

The University of Sydney Fellowships allow outstanding postdocs to conduct innovative, multidisciplinary work at one of the world's top 45 research universities. Applications close on 19 August 2018.
09 July 2018

The time for a sugar tax is now

As a federal election looms, now is the time for coordinated, strategic and innovative action to improve Australia's health according to the authors of a Perspective article published in the Medical Journal of Australia today.
09 July 2018

New transport research hub features Sydney University partnerships

The University of Sydney's Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies and John Grill Centre for Project Leadership is proud to have their two research partnerships featured on Transport for NSW's new research hub.
09 July 2018

Rising trend for keyhole appendix removal benefits kids

New University of Sydney research finds laparoscopic (keyhole) appendicectomy for children improves outcomes and is associated with a shorter length of hospital stay, compared to open appendicectomy.
09 July 2018

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women influencing Sydney staff

From storytellers and activists to mothers and leaders, the active participation and strength of Indigenous women has enabled generations who have followed.
09 July 2018

Sydney Nano AeroEV team wins the The Big Idea prize for 2018

A proposed innovative technology that can deliver nanoscale messengers to the lungs wins $45,000 pre-seed funding from Sydney Research for Wojtek Chrzanowski's Pharmacy group.
09 July 2018

Teachers need more support, less admin to deliver quality education

New data shows the majority of teachers (91 percent) reported administrative demands were a hindrance to their core job, according to a University of Sydney survey.