27 May 2019

Collaboration with China on brain and intelligence science

In a strategic partnership that will marry research into cognitive neuroscience and brain disorders with the ethical implications of artificial intelligence, Fudan University and the University of Sydney signed an agreement this week to further research in these fields.
27 May 2019

Sydney awarded Silver at the Australian LGBTI Inclusion Awards

The University of Sydney has been named as a Silver Employer at the Australian LGBTI Inclusion Awards, up from last year's Bronze award.
27 May 2019

University expresses support for our Jewish students and staff

Following recent media reports, the University of Sydney offers support and solidarity to our Jewish community on campus and beyond.
27 May 2019

2019 Sandra Cadwallader Scholarship winner announced

A generous scholarship enables an ambitious Indigenous student who lives 400 kilometres from Sydney to achieve his dream of studying economics.
27 May 2019

Strewth! Turns out your kelpie is not a dingo

Many kelpie owners wonder if their dog has a little bit of dingo in them. Some believe the kelpie was bred with the dingo to make them more resilient to the Australian climate. New research suggests this may be bush folklore.