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21 November 2019

Creating opportunities through our most generous scholarship

The University of Sydney is pleased to announce the Sydney Scholars India Equity Scholarship, one of the most generous postgraduate coursework scholarships an Australian university has ever offered.
21 November 2019

Sydney leaps in global economic and business rankings

Sydney's reputation as a world-class centre for economics and business has been reaffirmed by the prestigious Times Higher Education publication, which has ranked the University in the world's top 100 in these areas of study.
21 November 2019

How economics can address the challenges of our time

Shadow Minister for Health and University of Sydney Bachelor of Economics alumnus, the Hon. Chris Bowen thinks economics could use more champions - and he is happy to be one.
21 November 2019

One wildlife veterinarian's quest to save Sumatran rhinos from extinction

From a young age, Benn Bryant felt that humans should be good custodians of the planet. Now, as an intrepid vet, he works to save Sumatran rhinos, which could be down to as few as seventy left in the world.