05 March 2021

$15m project to establish whole-body imaging in Australian first

A project driven by Sydney should provide unique imaging capability to Australia while revolutionising patient care, through a joint venture with Northern Sydney Local Health District to procure a total body PET/CT scanner.

05 March 2021

A military-led internet shutdown in Myanmar may be imminent

Technology has played a key role for both sides engaged in the conflict. So what would happen if Myanmar's military shut down all communication to the outside? Dr Susan Banki from Sydney Southeast Asia Centre explains.
05 March 2021

New Indigenous strategy and student centre launched

Today the University of Sydney launched its 'One Sydney, Many People' strategy with the aim of creating a sense of belonging and demonstrating visible leadership and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and culture. Coinciding with the launch was the opening of the new dedicated student centre, The Gadigal Centre.
05 March 2021

Watching out for whales: Australian tech gives new eyes to ships

University of Sydney researchers have joined forces with industry and the NSW Smart Sensing Network to give sight to marine oil and gas exploration vessels to help protect whale populations.