30 March 2021

Factors that may predict next pandemic

New modelling identifies human and human-influenced environmental factors that are associated with disease outbreaks.
30 March 2021

Cancer Council NSW and the University of Sydney partner to enhance Australia's cancer research capacity

The University of Sydney and Cancer Council NSW have formed The Daffodil Centre, which was officially opened today by NSW Minister for Health and Medical Research Brad Hazzard, to bolster cancer control research and policy.

30 March 2021

Two thirds of farmland at risk of pesticide pollution

A global map of agricultural land across 168 countries has revealed that 64 percent of land used for agriculture and food crops is at risk of pesticide pollution. Almost a third of these areas are considered to be at high-risk.
30 March 2021

New deal for Uber drivers in UK, but Australia's gig workers must wait

Uber has been forced by the UK courts to treat its British drivers as workers. It will probably require legislative change for Uber's Australian drivers to be treated as employees, write Drs Alex Veen, Tom Barratt and Caleb Goods.
30 March 2021

Study reveals how face masks hinder communication

Researchers from the University's Voice Research Laboratory have uncovered how the voice changes when wearing a mask and the impact this has on how people are understood.
30 March 2021

An improved safety standard for pacemakers and cochlear implants

As technology improves, bionic devices in humans will become more common. Professor David McKenzie working with the National Measurement Institute has developed a standard test for leaks in such devices like cochlear implants and pacemakers.